Jon Hinojosa

Cultivating creative leaders — Arming today’s youth with paintbrushes and video cameras


Jon Hinojosa

Artistic and Executive Director, SAY Sí

Creativity is the #1 leadership quality CEO’s look for in employees, but a recent story says American creativity is declining. How can quality, pre-professional fine arts programs equip our future leaders with the tools that they will need to lead? Our speaker comes armed with evidence.

A long-time supporter of arts education, Jon believes the creative process fosters personal confidence and allows students to make positive that will affect them the rest of their lives. His labor of love is SAY Sí, a multidisciplinary pre-professional arts program for high school and middle school students.

Fun Fact:

Jon has an irrational fear of eating hot and cold foods at the same time. Also, Jon collects rocks from his trips, making for amusing conversation at airport security lines.