Shannon Sedgwick Davis

End human trafficking — A call for social justice and human rights


Shannon Sedgwick Davis

Attorney and President, Bridgeway Foundation

Shannon Sedgwick Davis is a career advocate of social justice and international human rights and she has traveled the world to fight human trafficking and mass atrocities. Her work was featured in the Emmy award winning Dateline segment, “Children for Sale.”

Shannon is a partner at Bridgeway Foundation, the charitable giving arm of Bridgeway Capital Management, Inc. The Houston-based investment firm commits one-half of its annual profits towards philanthropic endeavors that focus on eliminating genocide as well as the promotion of peace, reconciliation, and human rights around the world.

Shannon previously served as vice-president of Geneva Global, an organization that invests in Third World communities, and as Director of Public Affairs at International Justice Mission, a human-rights organization in Washington, D.C. that focuses on ending slavery, forced prostitution, and illegal land seizures in the developing world.

Fun Fact:

Shannon knows more about college football than her husband.