Stephen Colley

Sustaining and transforming San Antonio — Constructing with innovation and indigenous materials


Stephen Colley

Architect and Consultant in Green Design Principles, Stephen Colley/Architecture

Green building begins with sustainable construction materials used wisely. In the quest for appropriate materials, environmentally-conscious homeowners and designers alike seek regionally-appropriate and proven guidance. Enter Stephen Colley, an experienced architect, “almost native Texan,” and nationally-recognized leader in sustainable home building and design.

As the former Green Building Coordinator for Build San Antonio Green, Colley developed the criteria for San Antonio’s residential green building program and served on the Mayor’s task force on Sustainable Policy. He co-authored the “Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting,” and the National Association of Home Builders selected him as a stakeholder to help formulate national Model Green Home Building Guidelines. Once again a practicing private architect and consultant, Colley emphasizes that the crucial material to green building in San Antonio is right before our eyes. His TEDx talk will re-introduce an “easy to build with, worldly popular, fireproof, and appropriate” material for the South Texas climate.

Fun Fact:

As a member of an early-1970s garage band, Colley once opened for ZZ Top.