Elaine Wolff

The Citizen and The Journalist: A Relationship Counseling Session for the Digital Age


Elaine Wolff

Editor, Plaza De Armas

Elaine is founder and editor of Plaza de Armas, a digital, independent journalism enterprise that offers provocative, in-depth coverage of San Antonio’s politics, business, and culture.

The media site’s mantra is: “No sacred cows allowed.”

Prior to creating Plaza de Armas, Elaine worked as the editor and arts editor of the alternative newsweekly the San Antonio Current, where she won awards for arts criticism, feature writing, and political columns. Before joining the Current, she founded a long-lived weekly news and variety program at Austin’s KO.OP Radio.

A graduate of St. Mary’s University, Elaine is married to Michael Westheimer. Together they have four children, ages 11-22.

You can visit the Plaza de Armas site or follow the publication on Twitter @PlazaDeArmasTX

To contact Elaine, find her on Facebook or email her at EWolff@PlazaDeArmasTX.com

Fun Fact:

Elaine was arrested (and quickly cleared) of being AWOL from the U.S. Army.