Janie Barrera

A Small Hand up, A Huge Impact: Why Micro is Macro


Janie Barrera

Founding President and CEO of ACCION Texas

Janie Barrera is founding President and CEO of ACCION Texas Inc. a multi-state nonprofit micro and small business lender that supports entrepreneurs by helping them start, stabilize and grow their businesses.

She has helped shape the field of microfinance in the U.S. over the past 17 years by growing ATI from a $150,000 organization to one that holds the largest microlender portfolio in the United States. Under Barrera’s leadership, the organization has diversified its products and services in response to the U.S. market’s needs.

For instance, the organization created proprietary software that creates efficiency in microlending – ATI services multiple nonprofit lenders in their underwriting. Also under her direction, ATI has partnered with Citi Bank to sell portions of its microloan portfolio. The practice places more dollars in the hands of small businesses. Additionally, the organization is designated to make SBA 504 and 7a loans. ATI now serves eight states.

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Email Janie at JBarrera@acciontexas.org

Fun Fact:

Janie shares a chicken coop with her neighbors; they share the eggs.