Matthew T. Pirko

Cyber City USA: San Antonio’s Invisible and Powerful Economic Weapon


Matthew T. Pirko

Principal, JesRico Consulting, a cyber security consulting firm

Matthew T. Pirko knows all about flying under the radar.

A retired Air Force communication and information systems officer, Matthew built awareness for San Antonio’s cyber-security industry — an invisible and powerful economic force in the Alamo City — through Cyber City USA.

Cyber City USA is a program that draws out cyber-security professionals from the worlds of academia, private industry and military/government for collaboration.

Over the last 20 years in his military and private career, Matthew has traveled the globe from Japan to Italy and the Middle East working on sensitive cyber-security projects. After his retirement in 2009, Matthew returned to San Antonio as an employee for a defense contractor. It was during this time that he volunteered to set up Cyber City USA.

Recently, Matthew moved to Waco to pursue a doctoral degree in cyber security at Baylor University. However, he returns often to San Antonio to keep the cyber security mission alive and regularly advocates for the city’s specialty in this industry at the state and federal legislative levels. Matt and his wife, Patty, have two sons: Cody, 25, a chef, and Nick, 21, a Marine Lance Corporal recently returned from his first deployment to Afghanistan.

To learn more about Matthew, visit his consulting firm website at JesRicoConsulting.com or find him on Facebook

Contact Matt at Matthew.Pirko@gmail.com

Fun Fact:

Matthew’s medical record reads: “Atrophy was the result of a tragic hot tub accident.”