Erica Anthony

Singer/Songwriter Does it Upright


Erica Anthony grew up in Corpus Christi, ventured to San Antonio a few years ago to attend college at Trinity University, and just recently relocated to Austin, TX. She possesses faded dreams concerning athletics — gymnastics, boxing, breakdancing, and fencing — but currently holds goals towards a busier life as a musician. She had only wanted a job so that she could continue to play music after college, but she now runs a small, even tiny, tutoring business called Escalada Education Co., continues to collaborate with other artists and creatives, and is investing a good amount of time to the art of capoeira.

Erica’s big goal is being a sought-after studio musician while delving into film scoring and festival and special event performance. She plans more compositions featuring Brazilian Portuguese and other languages.

Out of necessity, Erica became a business owner with E Anthony Music after being laid off from her teaching job last September. She gigs mainly on voice, upright bass, and acoustic guitar and has performed on violin, electric bass, goumbe, berimbau, and pandeiro. A couple of years ago, Capoeira came into Erica’s life, and her passion for it remains strong.

Her main goal is to improve over time in these different and interesting areas of focus. Erica hopes to continue to pursue her interests and passions for many years as a benefit to those around her.