Leticia Ozuna

San Antonio Area’s Broadband Network – Creating Equal Access to the Global Economy


City Councilwoman

City Councilwoman Leticia Ozuna works to improve the quality of life, economic vitality, educational achievement, cultural activity and technological development of San Antonio’s District 3 for its residents.

Since her appointment to the City Council on January 12, 2012, Councilwoman Ozuna has led efforts to preserve more than half the area of the Pecan Valley Golf Course as green space and champions the idea of municipal broadband.

Over the past few years, Ozuna has served on the board of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association, the City of San Antonio Parks Bond Committee and SA 2012. She has also been an active Girl Scout volunteer/troop leader, was a manager for the city’s first co-working space, C4 Workspace, and helped start a community-based online news service, Nowcast SA.

Before these ventures, Ozuna owned a software company that served customers in the defense and intelligence industries. In this capacity and at a later job, she worked with several Fortune 500 companies. In addition, she did environmental research and set up an agency-wide geographic information system for Texas Parks and Wildlife and an Austin-based consulting firm.