Mark Larson

Revising the Educational Blueprint


Chief Executive Officer, KIPP San Antonio

Mark Larson is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KIPP San Antonio, a growing network of college preparatory public schools in inner-city San Antonio. KIPP, which stands for the “”Knowledge Is Power Program,”” is recognized for its innovative approach to education and for its effectiveness in preparing underprivileged, inner-city youth for college.

Mark is a graduate of Trinity University three times, with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (1997), a Master of Arts in Teaching (1998), and a Master of Education in School Administration (2002).

In his first five years as an educator, Mark Larson taught math and science at the International School of the Americas (Lee High School). In 2002, Mark was awarded a Fisher Fellowship and founded KIPP Aspire Academy in 2003, which he led as School Leader until being appointed CEO of KIPP San Antonio in 2009. KIPP San Antonio currently operates three schools: KIPP Aspire Academy MS (2003), KIPP University Prep HS (2009), and a second middle school, KIPP Camino Academy MS (2010).