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Molly Cox

Molly Cox began her career in radio in Corpus Christi, Texas (hola, Corpitos!). At 19, she knew more about Celine Dion than anyone should really know. Bouncing from station to station, Molly moved from “lite hits” to “adult contemporary” to “groovin’ oldies” to television, then landed on a conservative talk station.

It was then that she decided to expand her education from a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre to a Master of Arts in Political Science. Apparently, the idea to never work again intrigued her.

During her tenure at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) as the Director of the Center for Policy Studies, Molly managed the Nonprofit Management Program, a certificate program for current nonprofit professionals, and the American Humanics Program (now the Nonprofit Leadership Program), a national nonprofit certification program for undergraduate and graduate students. In 2011, she led UTSA’s program to receive the Sprint Foundation’s Program Excellence Award.

In June 2011, she embarked on her own to become a Nonprofit Fancy Pants, working with area nonprofits on communication strategies, organizational assessments, and capacity building. She has had the privilege of working with San Antonio Nonprofit Council, Haven for Hope, San Antonio Education Partnership, San Antonio Youth Commission, Harbor Playhouse, ThriveWell Cancer Foundation, and, most recently, SA2020.

Molly is a co-organizer of Action San Antonio, an event series that empowers nonprofit organizations to learn to use, implement effectively, and evaluate social media and technology into their culture. She currently serves on the Team Up Challenge Grants Committee through Silver and Black Give Back. She has had the pleasure of serving on the Texas Governor’s Volunteer Awards Committee, as well as the San Antonio Ethics in Business Selection Committee, and represented San Antonio at the 2010 Communities of Service Summit in Austin, Texas.

In her spare time, Molly enjoys a bit of theatre and can be seen in David Mamet’s November at The Playhouse, October 26 through November 16. She blogs at http://alligatorsandthings.wordpress.com, and when she’s uber-bored, (which happens), or uber-incensed (which also happens) she throws YouTube videos up on the interwebs at http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMollyCox/videos.