Julián Castro

The Power of Education: How It Changed My World


Julian Castro

Mayor, City of San Antonio

Throughout his tenure in public service, Mayor Castro has championed a vision of economic growth and a top-notch quality of life for the people of San Antonio. He firmly believes education is vital to attract jobs of the future. Castro is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Law School.

Julián was elected Mayor of San Antonio on May 9, 2009. A 35-year-old San Antonio native, Mayor Castro is the youngest mayor of a Top 50 American city. In 2001, at the age of 26, Castro became the youngest elected city councilman at that point in San Antonio history.

Mayor Castro’s initiatives include a holistic approach to raising local educational attainment levels by increasing city participation in early childhood education, high school dropout prevention and comprehensive higher education counseling.

Fun Fact:

Mayor Castro mixes one packet of Sweet and Low AND one packet of Equal in his iced tea.