Aaron Delwiche, PhD

We are all programmers now — Rise of participatory cultures


Aaron Delwiche

Associate Professor of Communication, Trinity University

With the expanding availability of internet access and ever-shrinking barriers to entry, participation and creation are rising. Aaron Delwiche, an Associate Professor at Trinity University and co-editor of the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of Participatory Cultures, highlights shifts in how we think about programming, participation online, and the “real world hacking” that takes place around us.

As an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Trinity University, Aaron teaches courses on hacking subcultures, transmedia storytelling and video-game design and criticism. His award-winning experiments with games in the classroom have been covered by international publications ranging from Wired to The Guardian (UK). Under the auspices of the Worldplay Research Initiative (WRI), Aaron and his students investigate ways in which massively multiplayer online games can be used to foster cross-cultural collaboration. In this same spirit of international cooperation, he co-chaired the Singapore-based conference “State of Play: Building the Global Metaverse” — an interdisciplinary gathering that brought together game designers, policymakers and scholars from around the globe to discuss the emergence of transnational virtual worlds.