Alicia Maples

  • Recognizing glass children — What it means to be a sibling of a child with special needs

  • Alicia Maples

    Founder/CEO of Sanera, The People Development Co.

    Having lost one brother to the world of autism and another to a terminal illness, Alicia Arenas never knew a normal childhood. Yet, from these challenges, she learned deep lessons about grief, anger, grace, compassion and community. It took her 30 years to share her story, but it is now helping special needs parents and siblings all around. She is a voice of honesty, hope and encouragement. Her message is about the importance of community in a world where families of special needs children can feel very isolated, lost and alone…yet need, more than anything, connections.

    The fierce independence and intuitive understanding of human psyche that Alicia learned in her early years created the pathway for her current career as an entrepreneur and small business consultant in her company Sanera, The People Development Company. That, along with door to door sales and working as an accomplished HR leader in Fortune 100 and 500 companies for 15 years, has helped her focus her clients on business development, crafting extraordinary customer experiences and helping leaders create environments in which their employees bring their best to work each day. Alicia is finding her magnum opus teaching business owners to become industry rock stars through Sanera Camp, her business building boot camp.

    Fun Fact:

    Someday Alicia hopes to pursue her dream of winning a Grammy.