Carolyn Becker, PhD

Combating Body Dissatisfaction — The Destructive Impact



Carolyn Becker

Associate Professor of Psychology, Trinity University

What would the world look like if women and girls released themselves from the destructive impact of the thin-ideal standard of female beauty? By vocation and passion, Carolyn Becker spends her days trying to bring about that healthier and more welcoming world. As a licensed clinical psychologist and Associate Professor at Trinity University, she focuses on how to prevent and treat eating disorders and toxic body image issues in women and young girls.

Becker’s research includes over 25 peer-reviewed articles and innovative clinical work intervening in cases of severe eating disorders and body image dissatisfaction. In 2009, the Academy of Eating Disorders recognized Becker for her unique partnership with the Tri Delta sorority on their “Reflections: Body Image” program for sorority members.

In her TEDx talk, Becker will challenge the audience to re-examine their own ideals of beauty and to consider the wide-ranging implications of body dissatisfaction on our society as a whole.

Fun Fact:

In her free time, Becker loves to cook and is an avid student of Fletcher Pilates.