Benny Lewis

Fluent in Three Months? Rapid Language Hacking


Benny Lewis

Fluent in Three Months? Rapid Language Hacking

Independent Irish Polyglot

Growing up, Benny Lewis struggled with the English language and had to receive speech therapy.

At age 21, and armed with a degree in electronic engineering, Benny moved to Spain and managed to spend six months in an “expat bubble” without ever learning to speak any Spanish.

Everything changed one day when Benny an important decision to really try, and to ignore all of the empty excuses.

It changed his life.

Within just a few months he was confidently getting by in Spanish and eventually reached an excellent level of mastery in the language. Since then, he has continued his travels (eight years so far, with no home base) and learned more than a dozen languages, currently speaking eight of them at high fluency.

For the last two years his blog fluentin3months.com rapidly has grown to more than 200,000 monthly readers. The blog shares his best “language hacks” and encouraging tips. His long term goal is to convince the world that language talent is irrelevant and that all adults (regardless of means) can and should learn a foreign language quickly.

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Email Benny at Benny@IrishPolyglot.com

Fun Fact:

Benny is a sucker for Disney music and has a habit of breaking out into song at random.